Sketches by Jessica Albarn


By Rita

Photographs taken by my lovely friend Rita. This is a photo of the collage she has on her wall.


I like Acne

Whilst a little bored at work the other day I took some photos of pages that I like from old copies of the magazine Acne Paper


Nice Headscarf, Lady!

I want to dress like an old lady. Photograph by Paul Brooking.


Mark Demsteader

I was wandering around Shepherd Market on Sunday (such a great, hidden away area!) and saw a little exhibition of Mark Demsteader's in Panter & Hall. He draws very beautifully, I love the way he uses little bits of paper  to cover mistakes.


From My Bedroom

A few of the many images I have stuck to my bedroom walls... From top to bottom - Tim Walker, one of my sketches, Dior (annoyingly I can't remember which magazine it's from) , Egon Schiele, some cute felt animals, a faded Monet print that I have had in my bedroom ever since forever, illustration by the lovely Richard Gray, more Tim Walker.


A Rainbow in Bethnal Green

My first post! This is all very exciting. Will be back with more very soon....