Top Top

i made a top.

i will take a real picture soon.



pic ?

I Can See You

i found this on the floor by the colour photocopier at university. creepy huh?


I'm Lonely

my best friend is in new york. i'm in london.

top pic coolhandluke
middle my scan of an old advert, american express i think
bottom pic i saw on the lovely lolita blog. i think it might be by this person..?




Innocence and Experience

a couple of photographs that i took years ago. we went on an amazing trip to canada, the photograph was taken on a beach on vancouver island. the second was taken on a ferry to cortes island. i think that that part of the world is incredibly beautiful. i miss it.

I Have to Admit


i'm starting to feel a little christmassy
photo from here



oh boo. the blog that this was from - themthangs - doesn't exist any more. meh.


Sneak Peek

i'm in the process of making a zine, it's going to be like my blog but in black and white paper form. anyway, this is a page that looked so lovely in colour i had to post it...
background image - photograph by paolo roversi
top - a katie grand styled pic from an old pop


Curtains Up

this is mostly about wearing your tights over your top, going to the ballet and, of course, some lovely colours.

shona heath, my scan from pop issue 21
marc jacobs ss10 from style.com
carlos acosta and melissa hamilton rehearse 'agon'. my scan from the royal ballet program, photo by bill cooper.


A Beautiful Scene

from the diving bell and the butterfly, directed by julian schnabel

stills from here


Dégagé, Word of the Moment

every now and then i think i should stop dressing like a scruffy kid and start dressing like the grown up that i am. lanvin...  that would do it. then i could be an artfully scruffy, jewel encrusted lady. with amazing jewellery.

Colour Theory

i think that the purity of the limited palette at celine makes such a strong statement in the most delicate way. this collection is so new yet somehow comfortingly understandable and just achingly cool. of course we want leather shorts! we just hadn't realised it yet. i'm glad we have phoebe philo back, there aren't enough women in fashion and she is one who really know how women want to dress.


These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

love: the prints, the bold bright colours, the built in jewellery, the perspex, the sunglasses, the matchy matchy accessories. the cut of these garments may be simple but i think that holly fulton's use of colour, paolozzi-esque art deco inspired prints and embellishment make this a completely desirable and rather exciting collection. i'm looking forward to seeing what she does next.


Husam el Odeh

...has been getting a lot of press for his latest jewellery collaborations with acne and topman. he has previously collaborated with the likes of ann-sofie back, siv stoldal and marios schwab in addition to designing own range of jewellery and accessories. but i thought i would share with you some of his illustrations. he's a very talented guy.


Oh Those Socks

i want some klimt-esque clothing in my life. now.

miu miu aw 09 pics from style.com

Obligatory Spooky Post

albeit a few days late...

i watched the shining (against my will) for the first time the other day. loving the patterns.