Saw the Most Amazing Film

christiane f. watch it.


The Talent

watercolour by my dad. see more of his work at painting-shadows, his very own blog! 


Suddenly I Have So Much To Do

so of course posting pictures on my blog seemed like the most logical thing to do. durr. 

florence and the machine by tom beard
iekeliene stange from tobacco and leather


So Clever

cover feature on marios schwab a/w 09/10 in dazed and confused, styled by nicola formichetti. i love the intelligence with which marios schwab designs.  

Home Again

i'm back in london after an amazing wirlwind of a holiday. 

photo of london by tim bradshaw via gorillavsbear.blogspot.com
photo of my collection via lesmads



photo claudia knoepfel and stefan indlekofer for 10 magazine
photo unknown... let me know if you recognise it
painting by gerhard richter

My Illustrations

i haven't really put any of my illustrations up on my blog - so here we go! these ones might be being printed in a book about fashion drawing...


Off Shopping

i'm going shopping for the second time today. excessive or what?! 

photo, oldish marni

Kate and Stella / Juergen Teller

hehe that rhymes.