I am stuck between jobs at the moment. I am starting somewhere new in March so until then I have a lot of time to do lots of things... or (as it seems to be) to stress about what I could and should be doing and, as a result, do nothing. Sometimes freedom is frustrating.

pics from sagasig


I Need a Good Hat

my poor head is cold. drawn from jalouse..


Open The Future

coming up the escalator at oxford circus station the other day i was looking at the adverts for jil sander's latest +J collection for uniqlo. i found that the 'manifesto' really rang true: luxury will be simplicity. purity in design and beauty and comfort for all. quality for the people. basics are the common language. i'd tried to shop in a vintage shop at the weekend and was so un-inspired. i just couldn't bring myself to trawl throught the tat in the hope that i might find something that was potentially amazing if i squinted hard and didn't mess up the alterations i needed to make... i know it is a new year, a new decade and that change is the hot topic but i feel like perceptions of fashion may genuinely be changing. well, they are for me at least.

peter lindbergh
toni frissel
picture from a rei karakubo book



i havent been here in a while. someone told me that they missed my blogging so i thought i would come back. happy new year everyone.

this picture is from the launch of the xx's 3d video installation by saam farahmand last night. it's going to be there for a little while beneath phonica in soho. unfortunately the candles were there for one night only.