Lydia - A Portrait of my Sister


Reality Bites

i was really going to be someone by the time i was 23.

all you have to be by the time you're 23 is yourself.

i got a job.


Self Education

i went to the courtauld gallery in the peaceful, post-lfw, somerset house the other morning. i know that there are some masterpieces within the collection but i left underwhelmed - with the kind of art which is on display there, knowing the historical and social context is crucial. maybe i was being a bit dense that day but feeling like i had to read about who/what/why/when in order to fully appreciate anything totally destroyed the immediacy of the work.

on the other hand i'm enjoying discovering new photographers, there is something so simple and truly magical about recording a moment of real life and the subsequent power that this image can have. photograph above by david bellemere.


Dirty Mirror