You're Just a Torn Person

i guess that explains why i like things like this, things that are all fractured..

top, not sure who this is by..
then still from metropolis
then gerrard manz
then a still from tron


Good Morning/

/beautiful discoveries.


Head in the Clouds

i've been in my own little world today. it's a sort of dreamy, happy sad place. oh and it includes a ring shaped like a fox and a sherling bobble hat (ie. i went shopping). i watched garance dore's 'a month in fashion' video and it was so lovely - it made me realise that you've got to live life looking for the good little things, for the beauty, for the laughter.

my scan from an early 90s vogue italia

Moments, Captured.

some pictures i took of lina scheynius's exhibition at the last tuesday society. it was all very honest, i liked that.